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Review Date: February 11, 2011
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The Rich Janitor Review

The Rich Janitor has been a top affiliate product on Clickbank for quite some time.  When I purchased the course, I fully expected to find something that really rocks.  But I was consumed by disappointment the moment I clicked the “Order Now” button.

Disclaimer: The review contained herein expresses viewpoints and opinions of the specific reviewer which may or may not agree with the viewpoints and opinions of other reviewers and/or users of The Rich Janitor.

The format of this review is a bit different than what we’ve done in the past.  We’ll cover the Content and Pros & Cons as usual.  But for this product, there are some other areas that need to be addressed.

Sales Page: If you want to know the REAL truth, read the “fine print”.

Ordering: Read this section BEFORE you buy The Rich Janitor and save $58 on your purchase!

Post Sale: You may find this shocking, but it’s true; and yes I’ve fully documented everything you’re about to read. Do NOT buy The Rich Janitor before you read this section!

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Guarantee: The Rich Janitor is promoted via Clickbank and carries a 60 day money back guarantee.

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