December 13, 2017

Evaluating the content of The Rich Janitor has been extremely difficult, because it’s actually hard to figure out exactly what is the content!

On the opening screen you’re greeted by a video of a young man sitting in a black Lamborghini racing his engine while he talks.  The point of the video is to state the rather obvious premise of “Niche Marketing”.  The video’s quality was terrible; but I have to admit I liked the car!

The course, or system as they want to call it, appears to be a hodge-podge collection of videos, ebooks, “software”, and “campaigns” – most, if not all, taken from other courses.


Expect to find yourself “lost” constantly as the videos jump topics with little rhyme or reason. 

For example, there are 4 videos that remind me of a skit done by Tim Conway where he’s continually tapping on a blackboard with his pointer (in this case I think it’s an archery arrow – believe it or not):

“[tap] Your computer.  You’re plugged into the Internet.  You sign up at [tap] Clickbank dot com. [tap] You get yourself a hoplink.  [tap] [tap] [tap]…[tap]…[tap] You forward that hoplink to the vendor [tap] and you get paid [tap] in the bank.  Alright?  Very simple.”

In one video they’ll assume you know nothing, are from the planet “moron”, and can’t fill out a simple online form.  Then in the next video you’ll watch the presenter “perfom” with his AWeber account.   If you already know what AWeber is, then great; otherwise you’re lost again.  

There are 19 videos taken from a  product called “Profit Miracle”.  You can still buy this course via the Profit Miracle website.  These videos are infinitely better than the Tim Conway immitation, at least as far as production is concerned.   

But as you punish yourself watching them (afterall you just blew 19 bucks), you begin to realize that the “content” just isn’t there.  They’ll talk about all kinds of things: article marketing, forum marketing, search engine optimaztion.  But don’t kid yourself that you’ll actually learn to do any of it!

“Profit Miracle – Video 9” iterates twelve objectives of writing articles and addresses the first objective.  I actually thought “finally we get something with real substance”.  But alas the video ends and leaves you hanging because “that’s all folks”.  Are we now expected to purchase Profit Miracle to get the rest?


You’ll find two ebooks in the ebooks section.   But there are more in the software download – told you this thing just isn’t organized at all!

One ebook I want to bring to your attention is the “Profit Miracle” in PDF format.  It’s 180 pages – but large print and a lot of double spacing.  In normal print it would come out to about 40 to 50 pages.   A lot of it is “fluff” but there is some solid content inside – if you have the patience to find it.   It makes me wonder about the missing Profit Miracle videos.  


This is a huge 450.9 mb download zip file which then contains 19 zip files which in turn contains 12,529 files.  Again, it’s a hodge-podge mess of materials compiled from dozens of sources.   And no it’s not organized in any way.  

Warning: Always scan any downloaded files with programs such as Norton Antivirus and Malwarebytes.  However, even these programs cannot guarantee that a program will function as advertised.  Only install software that you know to be safe, and only from trusted sources! 

Note: Because of the low quality of the videos and sales tactics which we felt were “questionable” at best, Target Reviews chose not to review the software downloads.  Even if we found software that appeared to be useful, we could not in good conscience recommend that you install the software on your computer.


There are 26 “campaigns”.   A compaign comprises a recommended “niche”,  the product, and estimates of traffic, conversion, and payouts.

Clicking on each product link will pull up a page with the following information:

  • Keywords
  • Anchor text
  • Affiliate links
  • Notes about the product
  • Notes about promoting the product
  • Benefits of the product
  • Pros and Cons of promoting the product
  • Guidelines
  • And more…

The only problem is, to make sense of the product page you’ll need to buy a REAL course and learn internet marketing first.   Otherwise a lot of it will be just a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you.

The big question we have is whether these campaigns are already played out.  Even if these niche markets are saturated, setting up one of these sites and going through the motions could be beneficial.  But a REAL course in “niche” marketing should  focus on how to identify profitable “niches”!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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