December 13, 2017

Disclaimer: The following is based upon how my transaction was processed when I purchased The Rich Janitor.   This process could be changed at any time.

After clicking the “Order Now” button on the $19 page, you’re taken to the Clickbank order form where you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

A word of caution: When purchasing on the Internet, unless you know the vendor to be reputable (i.e. Home Depot, FTD Flowers, etc) never – and I mean NEVER – use a credit card!  Always pay using PayPal.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one at http//

Once you’ve paid for the order (i.e. they have your credit card information) you’re then be presented with a series of “upsells”.  Make sure you find the “No Thanks…” link on each page to “opt-out” of the upsell.  Frankly, I feel this type of marketing should be banned! 

After completing payment of my order the following “form” appeared:
 To receive the product you paid for you'll have to provide personally identifiable information!

This form requires that you provide your name, address, and phone number.  Even your age is required!

You ordered the product and you paid for the product via Clickbank.  But you will NOT receive the full product unless you give them personally identifiable information and accept their phone call!

What they’re doing is applying the “fear of loss” strategy.  But are they telling the truth?  Will you lose anything if you give bogus information?

So let’s go ahead and take them at their word and fill in the form and see what happens. 

Immediately upon completing the form, the following screen appears:

The Rich Janitor claims they charged you $197 - for what?

Whoa!  Now what happened?  Where did the $197 come from?  We processed an order for $19, or did we forget to “opt-out” of one of the upsells?

I don’t know about you but at this point I’ve about had it with their “sales processes”!   Now maybe it’s because I’ve been stung before – and by some of the icons of the industry – you know the “gurus”. 

If you EVER feel you’ve been stung, call your credit card company IMMEDIATELY!  Tell them what happened.  Chances are they will shutdown your credit card and issue you a new one. 

In this case, I couldn’t see how they managed a $197 charge since Clickbank processed the order and I used PayPal!  So I felt rather protect but nevertheless fired off an email to the company.

Note: The above window does provide a customer service email.  I’ve not shown it since it is intended for customers only.  And it does work!  So this is a plus for The Rich Janitor.

There was a volley of several emails back and forth between me and customer service.  I never got an explanation as to why that page appeared saying I was charged $197.   They did eventually respond with:

 “If you have been charged with our upsell package, clickbank will send you email
 purchase receipt for this. Kindly forward it to us we could help you with the refunds.”

Note: I was never charged more than the $19 for the product.  The $197 page may be a bug in their system and I would hope they have fixed it by now!

And the saga continues…a few days later the phone calls began:

“Hello, is Bruce there?  This is [insert caller’s name] calling on behalf of The Rich Janitor”

The caller began to question me as to what my goals are for making money online. 

I’d respond: “I’m just curious so I bought The Rich Janitor for $19; I’m really not prepared to buy anything else just yet.  But what’s this about?”

The caller would answer: “Bruce, you need to stop buying courses and start building your business.”

Is he saying the course I just bought (i.e. The Rich Janitor) isn’t any good?  Really makes you feel good about blowing 19 bucks!

I’d reply back: “Ok, so what’s this about?

And we’d dance back and forth on this question; but I’d never get an answer.

Finally about the fourth phone call, I was told that they want to talk to me about “coaching”.  Immediately my anti-BS guards went up!

Note: So-called “coaching” is the latest rave.  Everybody from California to India is trying to sell coaching to Online Marketing wannabees.  All I can say is be VERY careful!

So I asked: “So how much is this going to cost?”. 

And we start to dance.  He evades the question.  I ask in another form.  He evades the question again. 

Note: If they won’t tell you a price, there’s something wrong!

Now understand, I didn’t burn them off because I want to see exactly where all this is going!  So I tell them to call me back in a month or so.

A few days later the calls continue.  Evidently these guys don’t know who else has called.

The caller tells me:  “Oh, that must have been one of our junior reps.  I’m a senior rep and can better answer your questions.” 

And so we dance some more. 

I state: “I keep asking how much this costs, but can’t seem to get an answer.”

He replies: “It depends on what you need”. 

I ask: “Well what are you offering?”. 

And around the room we whirl, dancing to and fro.

Finally with the seventh caller I turned up the heat.  I learn that these guys are NOT The Rich Janitor.  Rather they’re a company called ADM Ventures Inc that purportedly specializes in “coaching”.  He claims that all of their coaches make six figures per year marketing online.

I push harder: “What does this cost?”. 

He pursues me: “How much can you charge on your credit card today?”. 

I respond: “What does that matter?  I’m sure you have SOME pricing structure!  Do you have courses you’re offering?  Do you have an hourly rate?  How does this work?”

He responds: “Well depends.  You could spend $5,000.  On the other hand we have people who spend $10,000 and more.  How much do you want to spend?”

And we dance till my ear can’t take anymore.

After hanging up the phone, a Google search on ADM Ventures Inc. turned up some interesting reads:

Before giving ANYONE large sums of money, be sure to fully check them out!  

What is going on here is simple.  The Rich Janitor corners you with a cheap $19 offer.  You buy the product and pay for it.  But in order to receive the product they require you to provide them with personally identifiable information.  The stated reason is:

“Without giving your correct phone number, you risk not receiving full product access
because we may need it for anti-fraud purposes. This is intended for your own security.”

But is that statement true?  The reality is:

  • This has NOTHING to do with anti-fraud purposes.  Why would it?  They got paid for the product once your payment cleared!
  • Even if you provide bogus information, you still get instant access to the website.  After seven phone calls, nothing whatsoever has changed regarding my login or what is presented on the website.
  • The real intended purpose is for them to give your personally identifiable information to a THIRD PARTY without your knowledge or consent!
  • This has nothing to do with your security.  Quite the contrary.  By providing your personally identifiable information to a third party, they have exposed you to fraud, identity theft, etc.  They afterall have no control over ADM Ventures Inc!  If ADM Ventures Inc does something wrong, I’m sure The Rich Janitor will claim no responsibility.

Please understand, we have not said that The Rich Janitor or ADM Ventures Inc have broken any laws.  We are simply presenting the FACTS!  And it’s up to each and everyone of us, as consumers, to decide how much we will tolerate and who we want to get in bed with! 

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