December 13, 2017

Thumbs Up

The Pros (What we liked!)

Email Support: No I’m not grasping for something good to say!  I really feel this needs to be mentioned in a world were contact with the customer has become a thing of the past.  And most of the online marketing “gurus” don’t even have an email support (that works), or a contact page (that works).

So kudos to The Rich Janitor for not hiding behind the web.

The Price: At $19 the product is priced well below most anything you can find on the web to learn Internet Marketing.  They’ve thrown everything they had laying around into this product so chances are you will find enough to justify the price – provided you look hard enough.

Thumbs Down

The Cons (What we didn’t like!)

Content: It’s really sad because obviously these guys know what they’re doing, afterall The Rich Janitor has been a top Clickbank product.  Or maybe that’s were they’re talents lie – creating and marketing get-rich-quick products to the rest of us. 

Let’s be honest.  The fact is these guys could package bits and pieces of other courses, give it a name, pawn it off on the public, and rise to the top of Clickbank.  It tells me they know something about Internet Marketing.  I’m just not sure that I’d be interested in learning what they’d have to teach!

Presentation: The quality of some of the videos were shameful.  Again, the Profit Miracle videos had very good presentation – but still lacked content.

Organization: There wasn’t any!  If you want to learn ANYTHING, the key is to have a structured path to follow.  I don’t care whether it’s learning programming, learning a foreign language, or learning a musical instrument.  Throwing a bunch of “stuff” together into a hodge-podge mess simply doesn’t get the job done!

Sales Page: They hype you for 18 printed pages and then “cover their butts” in the Disclaimer.  Maybe someday Internet Marketing will mature, but for now it’s BUYER BEWARE!

Post Sales Tactics: This is perhaps a real sore point with me.  Once I pay for a product, I expect to get the product!  I don’t expect to be held hostage and forced to provide personally indentifiable information under the premise that such is required to somehow protect me!  And then to convey that information to a third party without my knowledge or consent is beyhond what I can tolerate!  

The Rich Janitor

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