December 13, 2017

Stinker AwardThe Rich Janitor has the distinction of being the first product to earn our elite “Stinker Award” for it’s lack of meaningful content, it’s poor presentation, and it’s questionable sales tactics – both before and after the sale.

I wish there were some redeeming quality in The Rich Janitor.   

If you’re looking for a good “first course” to learn Online Marketing, there are certainly much better choices.  You may wish to read our review of  CPA Instruments which earned a “thumbs up”.  Alternatively, over the coming months we’ll be reviewing other courses that may interest you – particularly in the area of Article Marketing.

Now I would never want to make a penny on such dribble as The Rich Janitor.  My job is to make you aware of what you’re getting, not to make money off your misery.  My first reaction was to simply not provide a link to the sales page.

But then I began to think about it.  Inspite of this review,  maybe you still want to buy The Rich Janitor.  If so,  I’m sure you have your reasons.

Fact is, if I don’t sell it to you, there are hundreds of places on the net that will gladly take your money.  Do I just send you down the road, or do I try to turn this into something meaningful?

Then it came to me. If someone is going to benefit from an affiliate commission from the sale of The Rich Janitor, why not homeless children?  So I contacted the Covenant House who has been opening doors for homeless children since 1972 . 

The result is that Target Reviews will donate 100% of its’ affiliate commissions earned on the sale of The Rich Janitor through this website to the Convenant House.

If you insist on buying this product in spite of this review,  please support Convenant House by purchasing through this page.  Click here to buy now!

The Rich Janitor

Production: Very Poor
Content: Very Poor
Value: Very Poor
Overall: Very Poor
----- 0 / 5

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